Seven security cookies that will save you from trouble

Kitchen chefs have discovered tricks that will save you from mistakes and omissions in the kitchen Mutfaka

According to the Telegraph, when all the housewives burn their lunches or burn spices and then lose their pleasures, they know how annoying it can be.

With the help of these councils, you can avoid such situations:

1. Never charge a big pan when placing something into it. The best is to find the largest pot; so that potatoes or vegetables are mixed and blended well and become crocodiles.

2. If you give flour flour, boil until you taste the fruit.

3. Remember that the pepper is “burned” at a temperature higher than 160 degrees. So add to the end of cooking.

4. Learn some basic flavor combinations. It is a good way to investigate the history of the spice trade used in the kitchen.

5. If you need lemon or orange juice, cook in the microwave for 30 seconds to obtain more juice.

6. If you are burning too much salt salt, remove the potatoes for 15 minutes. This vegetable will absorb the salt.

7. When the rice is brown, do not lift the lid continuously to see if it is ready, because you have solvents, not rice. / /

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