User agreement

Screen Messenger offers content, news and services on many different topics; In line with these objectives and in communication with the user in an interactive environment, adopted certain principles of publication, it is Turkey’s first and largest social media platforms.

Screen Messenger Publishing Principles are the values ​​and standards that we adopt. The guidelines hereby set forth the right practices for any of the following media, whether by Screen Messenger or by an independent company working for Screen Messenger, from the creators and editors of all Screen Messenger content:


The news and content contained on the site cannot be published without being investigated and made sure of its reality. In this respect, realistic and impartial publications that do not direct people to wrong are one of our top priorities. Therefore, accuracy and reliability are the most important rules of our editors.

For our users, our aim is to minimize the errors caused by our lack of knowledge and attention and to correct them as soon as possible.

We respect the right of reply and denial of wrong publications.


No one in our content; not to insult the race, gender, age, health, political views, social level, public opinion, sexual orientation and religious beliefs; children, persons with disabilities, minorities, etc.

In religious and moral matters, we do not allow publications that will create hatred and hatred and disrupt national unity and unity.

Limits the freedom of thought, conscience and expression; We do not make any content or news that is shaken or hurt by the general morality, religious feelings, or the foundation of the family institution.

We do not include defamatory, defamatory, defamatory statements in the name of criticism by natural persons and / or legal entities.

We refrain from making offensive, humiliating content that encourages violence and bullying.

In our content or news, we take care not to include details and elements that can affect people, encourage crime and in particular affect the development of children in violent crime cases.

We pay attention that our contents and news do not contradict the national and spiritual values ​​of the society and family structure. We avoid publications that could harm the family structure, which is the smallest unit of society.

We do not declare anyone “guilty” unless it is determined by a judicial decision.


We take into account that all elements of our services respect human dignity and fundamental human rights.

We respect the privacy of private life and do not violate it without a valid reason. We do not publicize special behaviors, communications and conversations, except where there is a significant public interest.

We do not make the subject of publication private except for public interests.

We do not use personal information or photos of others as a content subject without permission.

In our content and news, we take care not to include expressions that humiliate, denigrate or slander people and organizations beyond the limits of criticism.


We pay attention to producing our content, the services we provide, and the issues we do, not from a single point of view, but by incorporating many perspectives.

For this reason, we try to act objectively rather than individual opinions.

Although site editors can create the main shell in the context of the site, our users can contribute to the site. Therefore, the idea of ​​diversity, the representation of different thoughts, is one of the sine qua non for us.


Screen Messenger is independent of both state and partisan interests. Our users must be able to rely on our decisions that political or commercial pressure or personal interests are not effective.

Adherence to the principles of impartiality, reality and accuracy in the publication of our news; not to prevent the formation of free opinion; We attach importance to the protection of the confidentiality of news sources except when the public is intended to be misleading.

We adopt the principle of not taking content from Turkish sites that are the same as us.

We do not disclose information gathered, collected, collected and collected from other sources, without reference to the source.

We do not present the product which the press organ carried out with the special efforts of the press organ to the public as if it were our own product before the distribution process of a press is completed.

One of our priority objectives is to capture the agenda or to determine the agenda of the content or news we make. For this reason, we give importance to concrete and creative elements without losing outlines.

Our editors do not manipulate news and content to their specific purposes and interests that are immoral, providing content, news and services on many different topics; with an interactive environment