Beats Powerbeats Pro far more practical than AirPod

The comparison of these two headphones shows the advantages of new bets, up to the high price.

Technologists have compared Beats Powerbeats Pro with AirPods 2 that came out on the market after long waiting

AirPods look strangely hanging in their ears, not sticking properly, allow plenty of ambient noise, and expedited battery power. Suffice these reasons, not to buy the new headphones.

All those who shake their heads in the sign of affirmation would agree to buy the Beats Powerbeats Pro, which are far more practical than these wireless headphones.

The same Apple H1 technology, as well as AirPods 2, has been integrated with Siri, while the battery lasts longer.

Though the Beats stay in their ears very well, their box is much larger than the Air Pods 2, which does not exceed the size of the tire.

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