The camera on Instagram Stories needs updating

Instagram Stories is still a problem, while users require immediate intervention.

In April, Facebook has given Isntagram an option that makes it more like Facebook, reports Telegraph. With the new update, posts in Stories, do not need to have the base in photos or videos.

Through them, you can ask questions, ask for a vote for something, quizzes, backlinks, and images that have the basics in the text. Along with Boomerang, Superzoom and camera filters, these options were quite pleasing.

However, there is a serious problem with the Instagram Stories camera that needs updating, which should happen as soon as possible.

The frame to capture the picture occupies more space than it should, as it can be reduced to the desirable minimum to capture the right image. However, in the photo taken, there is missing a portion of the upper part, most of the cases, the head, or the eyes and the face on the face in the selfie.

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