Jeep lands in Danvers living room

A Jeep ended up parked in the living room of a Danvers condo Wednesday afternoon after it crashed through the home’s wall.

“I didn’t get hurt, so that is the best I can say about it,” condo owner Qiming Zou said.

The crash happened at 19 Garden St. The condo owner was at a desk in his living room working from home at the time. No serious injuries were reported.

“It missed me by about two feet,” said Zou. “I used to be at my desk. The crash followed me right behind.

The Jeep took out the bathroom downstairs before entering the living room to rest.

Photographs taken by WCVB photographer Stan Forman show a maroon Jeep sitting in the middle of the home surrounded by debris including drywall, wood and furnishings.

Stairs leading up to the second floor had been ripped from their base and rested against the front end of the Jeep.

The condo was deemed unsafe.

The Jeep’s driver was taken off the scene by an ambulance with injuries not considered serious. Witnesses said that after the crash, the man became belligerent with first responders, and had to be restrained.

The collision is under investigation.

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