Heartwarming moment five-year-old girl who was involved in terrifying car crash reaches out for a hug from Nevada Highway Patrol trooper

A Nevada Highway Patrol trooper was caught on camera as he comforted a five-year-old girl who was involved in a high-speed car crash. 

The heartwarming moment was captured by the trooper’s body- and dashcams on May 24 at around 5.20pm, on I-215 and Flamingo Road, near Las Vegas. 

In the video, which the Nevada Highway Patrol Southern Command tweeted, the trooper, identified only as ‘Trooper Quinn,’ can be seen driving up to the scene of the accident. 

A Nevada Highway Patrol trooper's bodycam caught the heartwarming moment when a five-year-old girl reached up to hug him and said 'thank you' after he arrived at a crash scene
The little girl (pictured) could be heard crying as the trooper reached down to pick her up. 'Thank you! I'm okay!' she said as she hugged the trooper while her mother stood nearby
The Nevada Highway Patrol tweeted out the trooper's video, which was filmed on May 24

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