Vallejo police vow to crack down on sideshows after ‘overwhelming number of calls’ from concerned residents

VALLEJO, Calif. (KGO) — Vallejo police reported an “overwhelming number of calls” from residents concerned about sideshow activity.

James, a Vallejo resident who preferred to be identified by his first name only, says he’s concerned for his family’s safety.

“Just barely a week and a half ago, was three and a half hours as well. The police were called multiple times and they can’t do anything,” said James.

Officers claiming this illegal activity is hindering their ability to respond to critical incidents.

“It’s scary. Two weeks ago we heard about 100 gunshots and the police never came,” said James.

Gunshots that according to this resident make his neighborhood sound like a war zone.

“This last one was like assault rifles. Back and forth shooting at people in cars,” said James.

Vallejo Police identifying these 4 intersections as the most problematic areas. Where tire marks, fireworks and burned tires are left behind:
Sage and Fairgrounds Drive

Lemon and Sonoma Blvd
Columbus and Lake Herman Road
Georgia and Maple Street

Officers have estimated that approximately 100 vehicles and at least 300 people have been involved at any given time.

Vallejo PD is vowing to crack down on these sideshows. Announcing an amplified group of resources working with allied agencies; Solano County Sheriff’s Office and the California Highway Patrol among others.

In a statement, Vallejo PD said, “Officers will issue citations, seize vehicles and if necessary, make arrests.”

Residents are now hoping this can bring peace back to their city.

“Some designated are where they can do it. Where it’s not endangering people somewhere in Mare Island where there are no people,” said James.

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