How Truckers Can Build Good Relationships With Shippers

It’s not easy running a truck company. Most companies have only a few trucks on the road on the best of days, and employ a few drivers to keep the wheels turning. Shippers are increasingly demanding a variety of technologies, from track & trace to electronic data interchange, or EDI, as a sort of cost-to-play to carry goods, placing a new level of investment burden on carriers.

Throw yourself into a global pandemic, and you are in a mess.

Nearly every carrier, from the individual owner-operator through the large fleet, has recently heard, almost inevitably, the following phrase: You ‘re making a compelling case, but I can’t justify switching carriers in this environment.

This isn’t an excuse for most shippers to get off the phone; it’s the reality transport managers deal with. And as trucking companies have fallen by the wayside – the pandemic has caused the loss of around 100,000 trucking jobs – their fears of failure while attempting to replace a carrier have been replaced by the likeliness of failure while having to replace a carrier.

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