Instagram Launches New Shop Section in the US, Powered by Facebook Pay

Instagram has begun to roll out a dedicated shop page in the U.S. that aims to highlight various brands and purchase products. The new Shop page will also offer users recommendations based on their profile and activity in the in-app. Customers can buy any listed product in a seamless experience, without having to move away from the app. Facebook Pay power up the payment process.

The section Shop can be accessed from the Explore menu, as reported by The Verge. Users can browse the various merchants on the platform through a curated feed of all the items on sale. For payment requirements, the user does not need to exit the app onto another when a purchase is made.

Shop’s payment services are handled via Facebook Pay, which allows clients to save their debit or credit card information securely for quick payment needs. Facebook Pay is used for both acquisitions and donations. The Verge report, however, suggests that all of its features will be made available in the US for the first time only.