Owner Of Subaru WRX Says Water Restrictions Are For Owners Of Less Important Cars

“If you think I’m putting recycled water on this girl you’ve got another fuckin’ thing coming” says Jakxsen (23) who owns a “grouse” metallic blue Subaru WRX with custom built 24k gold rims.

The recycled water Jakxsen is referring to comes after Gladys Berejiklian fast-tracked the implementation of Level 2 water restrictions in Sydney, the Blue Mountains and the Illawarra regions as dam water levels are depleting faster than expected.

Speaking with our reporter on the ground in Sydney, Jaxsen explained how the water restrictions weren’t meant for people like him, they were more for plebs with shitter cars.

“People who don’t have a custom made Rexxy”

“You know if ya got a Toyota, Mitsubishi, oh fuck you could definitely wash a Hyundai with recycled water”

“Ahaha nah, just jokes. But seriously.”

“I won’t be washing her from a bucket, end of story.”

The new restrictions took effect from December 10 and stipulate that any water used outside the home must be done so from a bucket.

Along with Subaru WRX owners like Jakxsen, it’s understood that nonna’s tomato garden is exempt from the Level 2 restrictions.

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