PUBG Mobile Launches The Players Contribute to COVID-19 Aid Challenge

PUBG Mobile will be donating funds to combat COVID-19 based on how far players are running in the game. This new donation drive in the game was organized in partnership with Direct Relief organization of humanitarian aid. In-game challenge “Running Challenge For Donation” will enable individual players to take part and contribute to the worthy cause. The in-game event continues until July 28 and the sprinting distance of all players in the game will be added to the server milestone corresponding to a donation from PUBG Mobile for the dollar. Developed by Tencent Games, Royal Pass Season 14 has recently been awarded to the mobile game that includes new rewards and subscription plans.

PUBG Mobile took this donation drive to Twitter to announce its partnership with Direct Relief. With an official donation of $1 million ( approximately Rs. 7.5 crore) already made by PUBG Mobile, the company has started the server-wide running challenge, and every player sprinting distance in-game will be added to the server milestone corresponding to a donation dollar. As players run more in-game the milestone tracker will increase. After the event is over the exact amount of the donation will be announced.

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